Thursday, December 17, 2009

Urban Chic

Alana De La Pena and George Salisbury
October 10, 2009

Ceremony: Oklahoma State Capitol

Reception: RED Primesteak

Flowers: A Date with Iris

I've been sitting here for 25 minutes trying to think of a clever way to say that these people may be cooler than I'll ever be. I think I'll let the photos by Evan James French speak for themselves.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Paging Drs. Chang and Garrett

Euna Chang and Travis Garrett
September 26, 2009
Oklahoma Memorial Union

I met Euna and Travis in February of '09 when she hired me on the spot. After discussing dental school, medical school and DIY invitation making, the conversation was going pretty well, but when Travis told me they have a dog named Wilco, I knew I was in. I really enjoyed getting to know them over the course of the planning and had so much fun with them on their wedding day!

Wallpaper Tussy Mussies created by yours truly, are made beautiful by Rebecca's Silver Rose

Getting married or having your reception (or both) on the OU campus allows couples to have photographs taken among some of the most beautiful landscaping and historic buildings in the state (not that I'm biased - Boomer Sooner). These vibrant, lovely, gorgeous and memorable photos were taken by Christian Sangree, better known as Prints Charming!

Miss Euna wanted something a little out of the ordinary. After the cake cutting she slipped out and returned moments later in a much shorter version of her wedding gown and these fabulous dancing shoes!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

When everything goes right...

Tiffany Swyden and Jerrod Lack
August 14, 2009

Weddings are fun. Some weddings are just crazy fun. This was one of those. During the course of most weddings there will be a few bumps that my crew and I work to take care of, making sure that the guests and hosts are none the wiser, but Tiffany and Jerrod's day was perfect. I mean down to being able to slip out and take food and a bottle of champagne to their hotel room smooth.

This classic Chevy picked the couple up at the church and delivered them safely to the reception at the Civic Center's Hall of Mirrors.

Heading up the stairs to make their grand entrance to the reception, photographer Aaron Snow is a master at catching intimate moments and unexpected shots.

The grooms cake. Dentures for the future Dr. Jarrod Lack, DDS!

Serious party. Seriously.

Tiffany and Jarrod left the reception in style in a pedicab I flagged down in Bricktown 20 minutes earlier.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Brandy Semore and Dylan Goodwin
April 2009
Petroleum Club, Oklahoma City

Brandy and Dylan were and are exceptional. She, so elegant and sure of herself - He, truly thoughtful and perceptive.

Brandy was in LOVE with the West view from the 36th floor. Unfortunately, at the rehearsal we discovered that the ceremony time caught the sun just before (instead of after) sunset. The light was literally blinding to the seated guests. Although her mother and I did our best to convince Brandy that changing the orientation of the room to face the North would be a worthy option- she persisted. Well... Brandy was right. On the day of her wedding the skies were unsettled. Mostly sunny gave way to partly cloudy which gave way (30 minutes prior to the ceremony) to the most amazing line of thunderstorms rolling in from Western Oklahoma. We were treated to a background of wildly streaking lightning- bright white against a cornflower blue sky and cotton candy cumulus clouds.

Once retiring to the reception, guests had a view from North, through West to South, as a continuous light show provided as much beauty as the elegant 35th floor ballroom!

Guests danced the night away before sending Brandy and Dylan off into the night through a waving sea of sparklers (this is where I simply must interject that I detest sparkler exits- If I'm planning your wedding, and you REALLY want one, I'll do it, but just know that I detest them and I've got umpteen work outfits with burn holes in them to prove it)(okay back to the story). Thankfully the rain made its exit just before the guests made theirs!

Thanks to Tammy Odell for the beautiful photos.

And... a great big congratulations to Brandy and Dylan who will welcome a little Goodwin next summer!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


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Erica and Anders

Erica and Anders

Erica knows what she wants and works until she gets it... just my kind of gal! She nabbed Anders while studying abroad, and managed to get the native of Denmark to move to Oklahoma. Every detail of this stunning wedding was attended to with decisiveness and care. Above all, Erica and Anders are a chilled out couple with a fantastic attitude toward life.

Esther Gutman of Photos By Esther took these creative and emotive photos.

For their sit down dinner for 225 we created escort cards and personalized menus with a fantastic deco font. In order to alphabetize the escort cards and have them look fabulous on the table, my assistant Mallory reset this table four times. Good thing I was at the church at the time, I bet she said some not so nice words!

Simply stunning in her gown, Erica posed for photos in several locations on the OU campus.

A room wash, dramatic uplights and a custom dancefloor monagram from IES kept the guests, Danish and American alike, dancing late into the night.

Seriously, have you ever seen anything so cool? Centerpieces by Poppy Lane Design.

Erica's bouquet looked straight out of a magazine. The juxtaposition of cymbidium orchids and pheasant feathers was tres chic, just like the bride!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Emily and Russ

Emily and Russ were meant to be or, "Kismet", but because they do things their own way, they prefer "KI'Z'MET". I had the pleasure of working with Emily (and sometimes Russ) throughout the planning process. They decided to get married at home, in this case a FANTASTIC house in Norman that they finished renovating only 48 hours before the ceremony! The intimate ceremony and seated dinner for 40 was decorated beautifully in shades of crimson and cream.

Farmhouse tables, leaded crystal candelabras and ghost chairs from Mood party rentals set the tone for dinner by candlelight.

Emily and Russ are fantastic hosts and wanted to be sure all of their guests needs were seen to. We ensured that each guest would have a full tummy and happy memories of the wedding by sending them home with a breakfast of cinnamon rolls and juice from one of their favorite Norman eateries, Fancy That. For a little extra fun we created a word search using words significant to their swift but meaningful courtship.

Emily and I worked with Lorie Samples of Red Bud Floral to create a ravishing, and delicious smelling, bouquet that while full, wasn't overpowering of Emily's petite frame.

Charley Samples, of Charles Samples Photograpy, is a master at capturing the emotion of a moment. Here we see Emily descending the stairs to meet her dad, only seconds before she walked down the aisle!

The 100 square foot tree house in the backyard was built by a previous owner. The romantic site served as the scene of Russ' over the top candle lit proposal.

If I were to describe Emily in one word, I'd have to choose "fun". I think the above photo pretty much sums it up.

The giddy couple moments after saying, "I do".