Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Repondez s'il vous plait...

It is the first glimpse of the celebration that's to come. Perhaps that is why so many couples spend HOURS, often to the detriment of the groom's emotional well being, selecting just the right invitation. My favorites are often simple, creative, unique and well made. Why not make something that your guests will treasure as a keepsake?

Here are a few of my recent favorites!

The above three beauties are from oblation letterpress. I love the modern/vintage feel!

This unique design is from Modern Invitation Design, an Oklahoma company!!

An updated classic from Whitney English, based right here in OKC.

Although this sample from Whitney English is shown for a shower, I think it would make a unique statement as a wedding invitation, perhaps for a brunch celebration held at one of Oklahoma's many historic homes?

This poster style invite from Elum would be a welcome and unexpected treat for guests of a couple in the news or entertainment business!

This beautiful suite called "Orangerie" is from Dauphine Press. Guests would look forward to a summer evening event held at an orchard or maybe in your parents backyard?

Other "invitation-ers" that may inspire are Milkfed Press, Bella Figura, PaperSource and Julie Holcomb Printers

One other interesting invite worth noting... and this must have taken untold hours to complete. If you have a moment, take a look at this amazing video invitation!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jodi and Jason... and Libby

Jodi and Jason were a blast to work with. Their July 11th wedding was a blur of activity! Adding to the buzz was Jason's daughter Libby who during the rehearsal, as Jodi walked down the aisle with her dad, proclaimed "No! I thought you were marrying my daddy! You can't marry Papa Joe!" The whole wedding party was in stitches. On the wedding day both Jodi and Libby were a vision in white and carried matching bouquets of red gerber daisies.

Jodi and Jason were both nervous about the ceremony. They opted to relieve some of the tension by seeing each other before the ceremony. The staff at the Summit and Gentry Photography helped us make the reveal an incredibly special moment. We put Jodi on the elevator on the 31st floor, and had Jason waiting on the 30th floor to see his bride as the elevator doors opened. The moment was magic.

Batman made an appearance as the "plus one" of the ring-bearer.

Superman made an appearance as the groom!

The couple rode off into the evening in the back of a white 64 Mustang convertible. Driven by my husband, and borrowed from my father-in-law!

Thanks to Gentry Photography for the photos!

At long last...

A return to blogging! And a sincere commitment to blog frequently!

Things have been buzzing around 1708 since our launch in May. Here are a few photos from the big shin-dig.

FYI... 1708 is available for soirees of around 50 or fewer. Drop me a line for details.