Saturday, March 14, 2009

So close...

1708 is really coming along!  Friday night was "Plaza Live" a monthly happening in the district when all the businesses stay open late and party with the locals.  With the final touches (including light fixtures) still to be finished in our space, we had to make due with hanging some awesomely large posters in the windows (thanks Bryan!) to announce that we're still working on it.  

L to R: Josh McCullock, Lindsay, Jenni and Jason Duncan of Cafe Evoke.

More updates to come as we move in and kit the place out with great pieces from Mood!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Rock-a-Billy Wedding Done Right

October 25, 2008
Cindi Finneran and Charley Reeves

No strangers to fun, Cindi and Charley were married near the creek in Medicine Park, Oklahoma, followed by a rockin' reception at the historic Medicine Park Music Hall.  

Charley sang and played for Cindi as she walked from the historic spa (now a weekend rental) across the street to meet him on an island in the creek.  All of their five kids participated in the beautiful ceremony, which was quickly followed by a reception featuring Charley's band, The Townies and and a fantastic spread from Forward Foods in Norman.

Guests ate, drank and danced well into the wee hours before retiring to their rented cottages dotted all around the quaint town.  What a blast!

The backstage area of the hall is festooned with the artistry of groups who have performed on her stage.  Naturally, Cindi and Charley left their mark as well!